Brunch Menu

$55 / Person Classic Brunch + Bottomless Mimosas

$35 / Person Classic Brunch

$25/ Person Choice : Orange, Pineapple, cranberry, peach, or grapefruit.

$ 25 per person for first carafe and .01 cents per additional carafe. (entire table Must participate)

Sweet and Savory Pastry Board for the table

honey whipped butter and Nutella

Mezza (pick 1)

Crispy brussels sprouts
w/ spicy pineapple jam
Sumac fries
w/ cilantro aioli
Mix Green Salad
w/ Minty Pomegranate Dressing, Crunchy Texture Of Fresh Veggies & Crispy Pita Chips
w/pistachio pesto / Turkish bagel
lemony chickpea spread served w/ pita

Entrée (pick 1)

Cardamom French toast
rose water cream / fresh berries
Chicken & Waffles
Belgium waffle / crispy hot chicken / Sweet butter
Spicy shakshuka
two eggs / harissa tomato sauce/ feta
Ivy hot chicken sandwich
brioche bun, Cheese, pickles, and honey mustard
Honey whipped labneh parfait
w/ seasonal fruit
20% Surchage will be added for parties of 5 and more