Ivy by the Lake Brunch Experience

$59 Per Person

Includes a 3 Course Brunch

Includes 1st carafe of prosecco and an additional 50 cents per Glass

The entire table must participate. We reserve the right to stop serving.

$39 Per Person

Includes a 3 course Brunch.

$29 Per Person

Includes 1st carafe of prosecco and an additional 50 cents per Glass

The entire table must participate. We reserve the right to stop serving.

Artisanal Beginnings

Turkish Açma & Poğaça Board
Served with honey-clotted cream, whipped feta fig jam, and tahini honey for a sweet and savory start.

Savory Appetizers

Batata Harra
Spiced potatoes paired with green goddess toum and a hint of sautéed onion cilantro for a delightful kick.
Za'atar Fries
Perfectly crisp, tossed in za'atar, and served with our house garlic aioli and Aleppo sauce for dipping.
Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Parmesan-dusted and paired with pineapple agua chile, combining sweet with savory.
Cyprus halloumi, drizzled with roasted honey and accompanied by red grapes, dukkah spice, rosemary, arugula, and lemon zest for a Mediterranean touch.
Simit and Smoked Salmon Platter
A beautiful array featuring labneh cream, capers, arugula, radish, cherry tomatoes, dressed with za'atar sauce and sumac.
Crispy Falafel
Served with a smooth chickpea aioli, tangy pickled parsnip, cucumber, and garnished with micro cilantro.
Spring Fattoush Salad
A fresh Lebanese salad tossed in a minty pomegranate dressing, bursting with fresh veggies.
Deviled Eggs Quartet
A unique selection featuring crispy pastirma, green tobiko, dried black olives with capers, and a harissa sesame topping.
Gözleme Selection (Choose one)
Turkish stuffed flatbreads filled with your choice of roasted potato or mozzarella, served with acuka, labneh, olives, and mixed greens.
Labneh Granola Parfait
Layered with dried dates, assorted fruits, candied walnuts, chocolate, pomegranate, and mint for a refreshing bite.

Signature Entrées

Tunisian Shakshuka
A robust cumin-spiced tomato and bell pepper sauce, elegantly crowned with feta and parsley, accompanied by grilled sourdough.
Soujouk Benedict
A delightful twist on the classic, featuring spiced Soujouk, creamy hollandaise, crisp arugula on buttered muffin bread, sprinkled with dukkah.
Smashed Avocado Toast
Luxurious avocado spread topped with feta cheese crumble, sumac, and pomegranate on artisanal bread.
Add-on options: Six-minute egg (+$3), Smoked salmon (+$5), Crispy pastırma (+$5).
Künefe French Toast
Infused with mozzarella, rose syrup, and mango, served with vanilla ice cream and candied almond flakes.
Fried Chicken & Waffles
Served with blossom honey, vanilla butter, and a side of dill gherkin pickle. *Option to enjoy as a sandwich!*
Chicken Sandwich
Tender chicken, red parsnip pickled coleslaw, za'atar spice, cucumber slice, arugula, and tzatziki ranch create a harmony of flavors.
Pancakes with Halvah
Fluffy pancakes topped with chunks of halvah, dulce de leche, banana, candied walnut, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce for a decadent treat.
Chapli Kabob Burger
A savory burger with fig chutney, pickled red pepper, goat cheese, and arugula.
*Add-on: Egg (+$3).*
Ancient Grain Bowl
A wholesome blend of quinoa, tabouleh, sweet potato hummus, avocado, and crispy Brussels sprouts for a nourishing meal.
20% Surchage will be added for parties of 5 and more